this is me

Hello everyone! im Kimberly, but if ur lazy u can call me Kim, my life is pretty crazy and random.. if u ever read anything i post u will figure that out pretty fast… im going to school for art, the main idea was to become a graphic designer, but once i started with the program i feel inlove with screen printing, print making, jewelry making and sculpture. I was born in south america in a small country called Venezuela, i lived there till i was 17.. (im now 23)  now i live in a small (horrible) town called Valdosta (its in Georgia).. im graduating in a year and ill be far away from it.. :) i have a freaking amazing dog, her name is Toto and she may as well be a human.. i love her :) i also love to play video games and watch movies all day :) well i guess thats me.. ask me whatever u want :) i love to talk :) and if u like animals, zombies, mustaches, any kind of oldschool video games, robots or tattoos we will get along great! adios!